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February 26, 2007


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Chuck Warnock

Henriet, great series of posts on integrity. I love this story! Great teachable moment and so sweet. I tracked down you Light & Life article and saw that you're in the MAGL at Fuller! I love Fuller and am working on my 2nd DMin there -- long story, but what a great school. I'll add you to my bloglines. Nice work.

Henriet Schapelhouman

Thanks Chuck. I'm tracking your blogs on Bloglines also. You write great stuff.

I'm a Fuller fan too and love the MAGL. I met Roberta Hestenes last October while I was there for a MAGL workshop--she was teaching a DMin course next door. It was great to meet her...she's been the small group guru for me. Never thought I'd meet her.

Looking forward to following along with you on-line.

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