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June 20, 2007


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sharon kratzer

I believe that when you realize that it is all about Jesus and not ourselves and that we really have nothing without Him - then we understand humility. When we keep that mindset and realize all that He has given us and has done for us how can we not be humble.

Judy Santos

A couple of thoughts. Okay, maybe three.

I think acceptance is the pre-cursor to humility. That includes acceptance of who we are in Christ as well as accepting others. As we think about who God is and who we are, how can we not feel humble! When we don't accept others as they are, we fall into judgment, which can get in the way of unconditional love, among other things. Think of all the family undercurrents that would melt away if acceptance was present in everyone's attitude. When we accept ourselves (for both strengths and weaknesses) and accept others for who they are and where they are, humility seems to follow naturally. It's not an accident that the most successful leaders have humility, surrounding themselves with people they perceive to be brighter, more talented or with a different skill set than they possess.

It strikes me that most of us don't put humility at the top of our prayer list. Howevever we do tend to be aware of how unattractive the opposite is. We tend to respond negatively to people who are "full of themselves", constantly bragging or acting as if the hymn "How Great Thou Art" was written for them.

I am intrigued with the notion of clothing ourselves with the virtues you quoted. I guess I have always ignored this word. When I think of clothing, it is what I enjoy buying and change often. In our society, we are told to wear colors and styles that make us look good. Clothes are sometimes selected to create an impression that is appropriate to a place or situation. But I don't believe these virtues were to be taken off and on, but rather become part of who we are. People didn't change clothes so much in Bible times - perhaps clothing was part of their identity?


I like your thoughts!
Acceptance of self and others definitely seems to be part of the humility equation.

I also agree that clothing with humility was meant to be permanent. I wonder if the clothing analogy was used because we tend to wriggle out of our humble clothes rather quickly and need to put them on--daily?!

I really think it's more like taking off the old self and putting on the new self, not the idea I posed just now. (I just liked the analogy).

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