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July 30, 2007


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Judy Santos

Having worked in a mission organization, I admit that I am not easily impressed with the usual patter. Some do not do what they say they do and some are top heavy, paying upper management extreme salaries without conscience to the cause. Many missionaries and their organizations struggle to survive with people who are burned out and lack necessary resources.

But there is something very refreshing and honest about The Sister Connection. I like the way it is structured. 100% of sponsorship goes to the widow and they have a separate foundational gifts for those wishing to keep the organization running. I can't wait to give $500 to provide a house.

I was also impressed that the widows were praying for us at Timberlake.

But most of all, I was impressed with Denise. Unassuming. Credible. Comfortable in her own skin.

After a well done Power Point presentation, Henriet asked Denise, "So what moved you to help these widows?" Denise could have used that to make a big pitch, but she didn't. She simply responded, "These are my friends. How could I not?"

God bless her and her team.


Well said. Denise is the real deal. She mentioned that this blog was the first to mention Sister Connection.
"Denise, we're glad to help you friends."

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