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December 27, 2007


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Henriet, This is so interesting - because this is exactly the outcome of Missio Lux serving dinner on Sunday at a Men's Transitional Housing facility in Seattle. A few of the men told us that the food this time of year is so good because groups like ours come and serve. (Our chili and corn bread was hardly a feast.) As we debriefed from the night we talked about the fact that they should feel loved and cared for all year long - not just at Christmas. We are eager to go back and serve them again - long before Christmas!


Hi Laurie,

Thanks for commenting! There seems to be a movement of people who want to make a difference everyday, living their faith beyond Christmas and Easter. Missio Lux seems to be that kind of community.

Semper Vita longs to be a catalyst for bringing people together to live their faith--everyday.

Looking forward to making Christmas a year-round event together.

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