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February 28, 2011


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Christa Suerken

As an American living in Germany, this post really resonates with me! The European community is wondering what to do with the influx of all the refugees from Libya, the economic competition is fierce, the natural disasters keep happening. I am way outside my comfort zone living as a foreigner, working in a foreign land and interacting with others often in a foreign language. I often times feel so very alone; I notice the many misconceptions that the international community holds about America and Americans in general and I can feel so afflicted by the potential for misunderstandings here. I feel what Henriet is describing - that living in the world is not getting any easier, it is getting tougher. It is easy to get stuck focusing on the marketing images of wealth, beauty and glamor that surround us all. And although I feel the trials of this time as well in my life, it is interesting that I also am hearing this message in my prayer life of rejoice, praise and know that God has good things for those of us who love Him! I feel that now more than ever, the Christian community needs to come together and serve together; we need courage to do this, we need to trust God even when it is hard, and rejoice because He is there. We will receive honor when we serve others for God's glory! Henriet, I am with you!

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